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PHP Houdini is a PhpStorm plugin that adds configurable autocompletion for classes that use magic methods and properties.



PHPStorm gives you great autocompletion functionality - but you lose that when you have classes with magic methods or magic properties.

For those classes, you have to add @method or @property annotations for every method or property you make to get autocompletion, which can get tedious. Why bother dealing with configuring your autocompletion to "save time" when you have to spend too much time on keeping it up to date?

PHP Houdini lets you configure autocompletion for those classes more efficiently by using a config file so you can get autocompletion for magic properties and methods and stay in the flow.

  • Highly Configurable Use a config file to describe your classes that have magic methods. No menus to slog through.
  • Self-documenting Fluent API Use PHP to describe your magic classes. Configure your classes with a fluent PHP API that itself has autocompletion so you don't have to memorize it. No JSON API or specialized DSL to learn that you'll just forget later.
  • Magically Flexible Promote private or protected fields for public visibility. Add completion for getter methods from properties, or properties from constants, or methods from complex array patterns, in any combination.

How Much?

Free for 30 days. $1.30 per month, or $13 per year.

2nd year: 20% off   3rd year: 40% off

For companies: $2.30 per month, or $23 per year.


Click here to learn how to configure the plugin for your classes.

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